I wonder about you

Katrina Kaye

in this picture
you’re still a girl
spotted by the sun

side of the highway
between city and border
you insisted I
take your picture
in front of the sign
for highway 666

your grin too angelic
blonde hair catching every ray of light
as it tangled with the dirt of the road

you were a child then
your skin was never supposed
to blister that way

funny how time
used to stand still for us

we never questioned
where we were going
maybe if we had
I would know where
to find you

sun burnt ballerina,
we were too busy
sucking down strawberry
milkshakes at truck stops
and counting the
number of red cars
to worry about where our road went

I wonder if your skin paled
to its natural milk
after the summer sun slid away
I wonder if your hair
is darker now
that you don’t
have the reflection
of the road to lighten it

“I wonder about you” is previously published in the collection, my verse…, ( 2012) and Eclectica Magazine (2022).

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