water rises

Katrina Kaye

water rises

levees break
floods erupt

it’s slow

invisible to the eye

sloshing up your legs
sagging a run into
a slow motion walk

waist deep

just above the break

we drown

the smallest puddles
a missed birthday
forgotten pill
ringing telephone

sometimes oceans
alienation, heartbreak, childhood, morality, mortality
rip through



leaves us clinging like seaweed
still on the vein

sometimes water rises

sometimes it’s easier
to stand still
and let the water

“water rises” is previously published They Don’t Make Memories Like That Anymore (2011).

2 thoughts on “water rises

  1. Yeah, “…sometimes it’s easier…,” but not yet.
    Like, for instance:

    Tomorrow I will rise long before sunrise
    ride my iron horse in heavy traffic
    ride for two hours in the cold wind
    wind tearing at my eyes
    from riding 75 to 80 miles an hour
    wind insidiously working its way
    though layers of clothing
    just to be on a movie set.

    I don’t know why I do these things.

    There is a feeling that the water is rising
    and I have to keep going
    going, going, going
    before that water finally
    at long last
    catches me
    the tailpipes hiss
    stream rises
    the engine chokes
    and my ride is over.

    It’s not “live to ride”
    or “ride to live”
    but ride to ride
    to not stand still.

    I liked your metaphor – if metaphor it was – since climate change will result in massive floods, among other things. So, I made it mine. Hmm. To stand still or ride. Same ending, no escape. I am so tired sometimes, yet I still move, still do, still ride. – Terry


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