Katrina Kaye

I want to be

persisting despite rocks
and debris,
moving forward
until the discovery of peace
distinct as reflection
in puddling pond’s
shimmering surface.

I want to be

calm when captured,
but contain currents
with the capacity to
overturn ships
and drown a man.

I want to be

unpredictable as the
size of each drop,
holding the promise
of life as well as the
threat of storm.

I want to be

content to fish bowl,
yet curious for more.
shapeless and vast,
heavy and ethereal.

Like water,
I want to be strong,
and necessary.

“Water” is previously published in Rabbits for Luck (2016).

9 thoughts on “Water

      • I am well again. I was vaccinated in March & April, but last week I became one of those “vaccine breakthrough cases.” I was only sick for a day and a half, which is when the fever broke. After that, almost all the symptoms went away immediately. Science! It’s been a week and I feel great. I stayed home. Not very exciting. I was offered treatment for symptoms, but I am fine. I will get tested again to make sure, but I was told that 48 hours after the fever breaks, one is not very infectious. I’ll give it a little more time just to be safe, but, hey, I can prove that the vaccinations really do work. I feel “strong”, and lucky.


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