Upon Waking

Katrina Kaye

I slide into hot
afternoon, the heat
slipping between us,
your lips devouring mine,
bodies distorting
against one another.

Perhaps it was just sex.

An outburst
of frustration and
pent up aggression,
of teeth and tongues,
cock and cunt,
quiver and croon,
a moan of name
under a roar
of profanities as
I let myself cum
again and again
all over you.

Perhaps it signified

This morning
I wake alone,
but there was a
moment between
then and now where
you held me
as my naked body
shivered in the
cast of the afternoon
sun, sweat drying
on navel, your arm
supporting the nape
of my neck.

There is a
piece of me,
a shard,
thin and silver,
precious and frail,
I left behind

and allowed
you to keep.

“Upon Waking” is previously published in the collection, my verse…, published by Swimming with Elephants Publications, LLC in 2012.